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Our Mission
Persons with developmental disabilities will live productive and satisfying lives as fully included members of their communities.

The uniqueness of human life is valued.
Consumer and family choice is respected.
Services reflect, and are sensitive to, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.
Outreach and collaboration with the community are valued in identifying and addressing needs, and developing and nurturing new ideas and services.
High quality services engender a sense of confidence and support within the community.

To serve persons with, or at risk of, developmental disabilities and their families through the operation of a state-funded regional center, and other specialized programs, in collaboration and coordination with public and private agencies and other entities.

To assure that all persons with developmental disabilities in the region have access to services based on individual and family needs and preferences.
To protect each individualís rights through advocacy.
To ensure that the Corporationís leadership addresses systemic changes mandated by state-level agencies, and responds to changes in the environment.
To reduce the incidence of developmental disabilities by providing early education and intervention programs.
To maximize opportunities for consumer and family participation in regional center and community program development.
To effectively communicate with all constituencies the accomplishment of the Corporate goals.
To develop resources to support the mission and goals of the Corporation.
To recruit and retain a qualified and professional staff with high morale to ensure excellence in the provision of services to consumers and their families.
To assure that community directed services are provided in accordance with the mandates and principles of the Lanterman Developmental Services Act, the California Early Start program, and appropriate federal legislation.