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Sunrays of Hope is a network of individuals interested in their own balance and emotional wellness. As a group of individuals, families, friends and consumers, we are interested in volunteering our time to promote emotional and psychological wellness, independence, individuality and balance in our lives and the lives of others.
Sunrays of Hope is dedicated to providing the best accessible and acceptable County population services, using culturally and age appropriate material, in order to maximize wellness and recovery. With due regard for individual constitutional rights and the public safety; delivery of services of the highest quality, that are culturally appropriate and linguistically acceptable; through the least restrictive settings; in partnership with other agencies and our consumers; using each consumers personal support system.
Services are examined through an on-going process of quality improvement, taking into account research-based approaches to treatment and their creative application to our rural communities.
Sunrays of Hope members are dedicated to the elimination of barriers to services such as stigma, the challenges in making services culturally appropiate, and the distances involved in reaching services.
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