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Our Services
Providing a Helping Hand to Modoc County, Alturas and its neighbors!

Please ask any staff member for more details.
We will be glad to help!
Adelaida Baca [Ida](Executive Director), Karla Miller (Administrative Assistant/Secretary), Ronald Gilbert (Program Coordinator),Tamyara Crawthorn (Activities Coordinator),Joe Souza (Maintenance)and Transporters Eduardo Guerrero, and Dean Adamson

Sunrays of Hope offers to its community socialization activities, a meeting room, kitchen area, internet access, TV/movie room, local and long-distance calls, fax, print, coffee, refreshments, book and movie check-out, board games, and crafts, along with other services...
1) Drop-In Center
Welcome. Come on In. Need to stop by somewhere to get a cold drink of water, or a warm coffee, or sit and relax for a little while, or make a local call, or check out something quickly on the internet or get some information? We can help. Sunrays is also for people who need community assistance or need a place to drop in for a little while to get relief from the weather, or people who are stranded.
If it is your first time, or you are a regular who drops in for wellness, you will be treated as a member of Sunrays.
2) Wellness Center
A) Peer Support Groups
- WRAP Group (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
- Socialization group
- Arts and Crafts
- Yoga
- Knitting
- Wellness Circle (on hold)
- Spiritual Growth
- Diabetes Support Group

B) Wellness Library
- Books
- Flyers
- Pamplets
- CDs
- DVDs
- Access to information via Computer
- Access to information via Phone Call

C) Computer Assistance
Help with computer use
- Research on the Web / Internet
- E-mail Access / Help setting free account
- Printing and FAX
- Help creating free Web Pages
- ask for more details...

Teams (Get involved!)
Garden Club
Community Outreach
Fund Raising
Kitchen Area
Meeting Room
TV viewing Area
Lounge Room
Recreation Room (including Pool and Puzzles Work Area)
Great selection of materials for Arts & Craft activities
Internet Acces / Printers
Movie to view or check-out
Wii Games and Activities
Local Calls - Long Distance Calls
Other Activities (ask for details)

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