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Sunrays of Hope By-Laws
By-Laws (file attachment)

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Contract between Modoc County and Sunrays

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Sunrays of Hope - Code of Conduct
(September 1, 2010 Revision)

Our intent at Sunrays of Hope is to be kind and understanding to each other and provide peer support in a safe environment; free of stigma.

• You agree by entering the Sunrays of Hope premises, that you consent to, and will abide to the Sunrays of Hope conduct.
• Sunrays of Hope is NOT responsible for lost belongings. Bringing valuables and significant amounts of cash to Sunrays is discouraged.
• You understand staff and members of Sunrays of Hope do not claim to, nor do they perform the duties of certified clinicians, therapists, counselors or doctors. They only perform Peer to Peer Support.
• Relatives of Members are allowed and welcomed.
• Confidentiality is a central element of mutual trust at Sunrays of Hope. Except in those cases where disclosure is legally required, it is important to not disclose or gossip about events you may witness or overhear while at Sunrays of Hope.
• In an event of a conflict, the Sunrays of Hope Conflict Resolution Policy is to be followed.
• Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited (No guns,knives,or any other weapon)
• No stealing or taking of items that do not belong to you without permission.
• No leaving access windows or doors unlocked without permission from the staff.
• You must be considerate of others at all times.
• Be respectful of all members and their relatives(including volunteers and staff)
• Violence or threats of violence against members, staff, or volunteers is strictly prohibited.
• No verbal harassment is allowed.
• No talking about plans of illegal activities.
• No boisterous behavior.
• No vulgar or loud language.
• Refrain from sexist, racist, ethnic, homophobic, age related, illness related or religious insulting or derogatory comments while at Sunrays of Hope.
• No stalking.
• Refrain from behaviors of a sexual nature while at Sunrays of Hope, including inappropriate touching, kissing, or flirting or sexually suggestive contact.
• No sexual harassment is allowed.
• No unwanted or inappropriate touching.
• No fighting or rough housing.
• No illegal or illicit drug or alcohol use or possession or conversations about trading, purchasing, or selling substance abuse materials on premises.
• Smoking is allowed outside only
• You must dispose of your cigarette butts properly (not left on the floor, etc.)
• No gum, cans, or wrappers thrown on the floor
• You must clean up after yourself after eating
• No leftovers (including crumbs, used cups, etc.) from eating or drinking are allowed, except properly labeled and stored in the refrigerator.
• You must clean up after yourself after working on crafts.
• No loitering on the property
• You must clean up and put items back up after playing games.
• Pets are welcomed but must follow the Sunrays of Hope Policy for Pets.
• No pornography, sexually suggestive, or explicitly violent material on the computers
• You must keep phone calls to a 15 minute limit, less if others are waiting to use the phone.
• Proper attire required, shirt required. No walking around barefoot.
NOTE: Any violation of Sunrays of Hope’s Code of Conduct may result in you being asked to leave Sunrays of Hope.

(This includes being asked to leave for the day, for a week, a month or even permanently)

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