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Our Wish List
1. Any specialized tools and holdings/rails that can be used by handicapped or wheelchair persons (Including those for use in the bathroom and/or shower)

2. Food left over after an event that we can use in the community kitchen. (Our volunteer cooks are quite creative on our meager resources, and manage always to feed the members). Note: We feed kids and adults alike. Anybody that is at the center during lunch time on the days we have food.

3. Volunteer trainers for ANY topic. People willing to come over and spend an hour at Sunrays teaching the members about something they know about (Health topics, safety, nutrition, arts, crafts, hobbies, etc.) In the past we have had speakers on CPR, Making Necklaces and Bracelets, Smoking cessation, nutrition, etc.

4. Medical Books, VCRs, CDs or DVDs

5. A used pre-paid phone that we can add minutes to it, so we can carry it around for 24/7 peer-to-peer assistance of any members during a minor crisis or stressful event.

6. An old or abandoned shed (small): We will repair it. We are currently having to accumulate the items for our periodic morale booster Yard Sale events in the shower room. That area is intended to provide a changing room area that does not appear "low class" and degrading, but rather to keep at par with the rest of the house's welcoming environment.

7. A used up Grill. We will repair it. It would allow the members to bond and feel more normal.

8. Used up bicycles (for kids and adults) We will repair them. Adults can take them "on loan" while making errands at the center, and kids just want to be able to ride around in them to keep themselves busy while their parents are benefiting from the use of the center.

9. Old construction/building work tools such as a drill and drill bits, an electric saw, a shovel (We fix them and make resourceful use of them)

10. A used bird bath for the garden.

11. A used bird feeder for the garden.

12. A used cooler for member community picnics and outings.

13. Back yard chairs or lawn furniture to make the garden area more inviting.

14. Really big plant containers for the back yard

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