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The six/6, Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations, PLLF®, owned by Trusts, have U.S. and International news services, (ID 34937), Digital Protected Producer® Licensing, DP®©, CSNP® certifications, scientific, technology, and educational groups, all intended to support or benefit trauma recovery.
*1) #PLLF®, Princess Leia Lucas® Foundation; parent holding company, administration ;
*2) #NEWS® or, Newsworthy Edification of Wholistic Systems®; confirm our ID 34937 credential with the United States Press Agency, https://www.uspa24.com/correspondents/1.html.
*3) #IFNBT®, or, International Foundation of Neuroscience & Brain Technology®; global groups consisting of many related fields intended to learn how they affect one another during the trauma recovery process. The focus is on social neuroscience; also certification of CSNP®, or, Certified Social Neuroscience Practitioners, often used for theoretical scientists trained in Brain Transmission Technologies®
*4) #RIGHTS® Commissions, or, Rights of Individuals Gathered to Help Together Safely®, legal advocacy and intellectual property group
*5) #FOSTER®, or, Foundation Offering Survivors of Trauma Education & Recovery®; operational arm, also offers career and legal supports.
*6) #Life Force Recovery®; counseling, spiritual, and/or peer-to-peer and community supports.
Most people experience at least one trauma in their lives, while one in four are known to be survivors. This may appear as a medical, mental, thinking, skills, disability, stress or emotional issue alone. However, the fact is that we are likely effected in all of these areas. Maybe our sense of self feels confused. Maybe we just have trouble moving forward with our lives to empowerment. And, even if things aren't this complicated, we still have to recover our sense of safety, and learn where we belong in the world. Trauma confuses our identity, and our directions.
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Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations: FOSTER Foundation®, IFNBT®, Life Force Recovery®,